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  1. Four Seasons Hotel
    Four Seasons Hotel
    Seattle, WA
  2. Microsoft Bravern Towers
    Microsoft Bravern Towers
    Bellevue, Washington
  3. Old WAMU Tower, Perkins Coie TI Client
    Old WAMU Tower, Perkins Coie TI Client
    Seattle, Washington
  4. Rainier Tower, Seattle
    Rainier Tower, Seattle
  5. Concur Bellevue
    Concur Bellevue
    Bellevue, Washington
  6. Blue Sky Church
    Blue Sky Church
    Bellevue, Washington
  7. Juno Therapeutics Headquarters
    Juno Therapeutics Headquarters
    Seattle, Washington
  8. Center 425
    Center 425
    Bellevue, Washington
  9. Embassy Suites
    Embassy Suites
    Seattle, Washington
  10. Space Needle
    Space Needle
    Seattle, Washington
  11. Valve Software
    Valve Software
    Seattle, Washington
  12. SLS Hotel 5th and Columbia
    SLS Hotel 5th and Columbia
    Seattle, Washington

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TriArc Electric Supply is your lighting, power distribution, and lighting controls specialist. Since 1981, we have served the electrical construction industry of the greater Puget Sound area with a comprehensive inventory of electrical components combined
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